Access Geo restricted web sites!

Using our DNS service, you can access U.S. restricted content.

Our team is constantly working to unlock more web sites. Those web sites are also working on making it harder for us to unrestrict their content.

We try our best to keep the unrestriction working but those service are always finding new ways to block us and we can't be sure that we will always find a solution.
Expect more content soon...


Here is a list of services you can reach using DNS Unlocker.

NetFlix   Spotify
Crackle   ESPN
BBC iPlayer   ITV

Faster and Safer !

Unlike VPN or traditional Proxy services, our DNS allows us to only proxy the portion of data which validate the Geographic location of our users. This data is very small, which mean that in most of the cases the streaming and the main part of the web browsing doesn't go through our servers.

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